Based upon the type of hotel, your preference and requirement, we can help guide you in the selection of the best suited system, such as : Property Management System, channel manager, booking engine for your own website with analysis, management and creation of your own distribution channels. All resulting in the main objective of managing your hotel in the best optimal and efficient manner.

Hotel propertymanagement systeem:
Increase the efficiency of your organisation and reduce costs with a propperty management system. This will allow you to automate the following day to day business in a centralised way:

  • Reservations
  • Rate and Channel Management
  • Admin and reports
  • E-mails and Marketing
  • Food & Beverage (POS)
    Hospitality skills is experienced with the following Property Management Systems:
    Lodgegate Pms, Mancloud, Roomer, Frontdesk Anywhere, Protel Air and Mews Pms

Advice with connecting to OTA’s
Good visibility for your property is worth its weight in Gold. You would like your company on as many sites as possible, however this is a real chore to manage all the sites ( rates and availability). Hospitality Skills advises on the different services when particularly choosing the right OTA.

The most widely used Channel Managers are, Cubilis, Hotel Spider, Siteminder en Sabre.

Distribution Channel Analysis and Management
The Numbers tell the tale’.Data is becoming increasingly essential in improving websites, Booking systems and your revenue strategy. Nowadays you can trace every visitor to your website, from the moment he comes in (makes a booking) and leaves. Such ‘Guest data’ can be stored and every euro can be traced back to here.
We can advise on software which compares your data ( anonymously) with that of other connected hotels.

Booking Engine For Your Own Website
Integrating a Booking Engine on your website helps turn a ‘visitor’ into a ‘guest’. A Booking Engine can present rooms with description, photos and additional booking options  as you want to show without needing to comply with the limitations of a distribution channel.

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