Guests which feel a positive ‘emotional bond’ with a company, return more often and spend more.

The guests emotional experience is an influence on the price of a product or service and on sustainable ‘client bonding’ of any company.

The ‘Emotional bond’ with a company comes directly from the contact between the client and staff. The level of service increases this emotional bond. Therefore, it is easy to see how a positive or negative ‘experience’ depends heavily on the attitude of staff in any company.

The level of service provided by staff can be measured by posing the following questions;

  • Are staff genuinely interested in your question?
  • Are staff aware of the importance of this ‘service or ‘product’ to the guest?
  • Is there an emotional ‘contact’ between the guest and the staff?
  • Are staff able to ‘pick up’ the guests emotion?
  • Are staff able to correctly handle the ‘emotion’?

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