The term ‘fielding’  in English refers to the spread of players on a sports field  or in a military context, the strategy for holding or winning territory

‘Fielding’ or ‘Field Management’ is really, optimalisering the process needed for managing employees. Automising this process is sometimes troublesome which includes planning, allocation & support of different employees in different locations and different days to be have the right instructions.

Does a hotel set its players well?, are the staff well motivated and aware of the task at hand ?, then the hotel can reach and attract the right market segment.


In hotel revenue there is a two way split:

The internal field:

  • staff should be aware of the market segment aimed for by the hotel
  • Staff should be skilled in applying the price strategy
  • The vision and implementation by staff go hand in hand
  • Staff should be correctly prepared
  • Staff are prepared to give extra effort when needed
  • Staff are always aware of how the guest experience is going and with the management, help influence it

The outside field:

  • The Online Travel Agencies promoting the hotel, should reflect the company mission, vision, culture and pricing strategy.
  • The right ‘offer’ needs to be promoted through the right ‘channel” to reach the target group.

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