A study from Cornell University shows that when a review rating increases by 10% , that  around three quarters of the viewing public are prepared to pay at least 5% extra.

Many hotels have access to so called ‘Reputation Management Tools’, software programmes which collect online information about the hotel. That can be guest reviews and postings, which can also be guests expectations.

Reputation Management Tools get their information from sources such as travel advise websites, booking websites and social media. The postings are categorised and rated  with a weighted factor before a mark is given. Should this figure be high, then the hotel is doing well, should it be low then the hotel probably doing bad.

What is good about these Reputation Management Tools is that they pin point where the sore areas are within your organisation. Location, service,quality, F&B, or rooms etc.

One drawback with these Reputation Management Tools is that the figure is based on the guest expectation or the guest rating. This can be due to an earlier stay, a chat with a friend, a posting on social media or though the hotel website. It is a feeling which is psychologically very complex and difficult to weigh up. There is no, or very little emotion in the feedback.

That is a pity, as a guest wants to see, feel, hear emotion, from the staff with a welcoming feeling, build a bond, that you need their emotion to better understand the company vision and adapt.

Recognising the value of Reputation Management is not just in buying and analysing software programmes, but on developing a good guest relationship on the ground.



Hospitality Skills trains staff in how to improve communication during a guests stay. By using different feedback methods both staff and management can be aware of the guests expectations. This can provide opportunities during the guests stay to improve and go beyond their expectations with, as a result return guests and better reviews.

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