Hotels offer their guests the opportunity to share their experiences on their own website on bookings and Travel Advise sites and comparison sites. This ‘Experience’ has become a major factor in influencing ‘hotel choice’. 

A traveller will compare hotels on price, location, star rating, the menu, photos of the property showing the layout and atmosphere.A new aspect which travellers compare is ‘the experience’ of other travellers, which has a  decisive role in the choice of hotel.

The writing up of such experiences is known as a review.

Instinctively, the traveller will form a realistic idea from such guest reviews. When there is a positive review, this creates a positive emotional bond with the traveller. More credence is given to a ‘personal opinion’ than to ‘sales talk’.

We should be aware of the intensity of the ‘guest experience’. It is a good or excellent hospitality experience which, in the long term objective, guarantees extra turnover.

‘Hospitality’ can then be seen as the basis for a good and sustainable revenue.

Hospitality Skills has those tools to help you filtering categorising those ‘experiences’.


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